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What is a Mobile Phone? – Definition, Uses, Features and More

What is a Mobile Phone? – Definition, Uses, Features and More

Mobile Phone Definition

Mobile phone is a portable is something that has mobility or is not fixed or still. The idea can also be used in a symbolic sense to refer to what moves or drives something.

In the field of art, a hanging sculpture is known as mobile, whose movement may be due to the air or the action of an engine. Marcel Duchamp suggested the term in 1932.

In physics, a mobile is a body that is in motion. It allows the forces acting on it and their trajectory to being analyzed.

A mobile can be a toy for children under five months, consisting of a stick with different ornaments or figures. These figures, of different colors, move thanks to the air currents or the impulse that someone gives them.

Uses of a mobile phone

The list of the ten most ordinary mobile phone uses today:

  • Calls
  • SMS messages
  • Photos
  • Listen to music
  • Personal organizer
  • To blog
  • IM, instant messages
  • To visit the internet

And also, these are some of the ten most anticipated future uses of the mobile phone:

  • With more storage capacity, store permanent files (always)
  • Mobile personalization, not only with music and icons but even the operating system (ever)
  • A convergence of several products, such as telephone, cameras, MP3s (1-2 years)
  • Internet services (1-3 years)
  • Watch TV and video (1-3 years)
  • Betting and online games (2-4 years)
  • Location services – GPS (2-4 years)
  • Payments and financial transfers (5-10 years)
  • The personal electronic key, ex. to open doors, etc. (5-7 years old)
  • Identification, ex. maintaining personal information such as medical and carnets (10-15 years)

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Most common mobile uses

Most of this data traffic generated in applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter, in addition to the Internet browser and the email system. These are the ten free utilities we use the most, according to Adobe:

Another of the services that are also used a lot is the alarm or the alarm clock. It has caused us to abandon the classic alarm clocks.

Less common uses of the mobile

Most people perform the same actions, but more mobile utilities are not as well known. These are the most interesting:

Emulator of old consoles: We found emulators like PPSSPP to be able to play PSP games or as SuperRetro16 for those of Super Nintendo. Some can emulate even the most modern consoles like the Wii or the Game Cube, this is the case of Dolphin, but we must say that you need to have a high-end mobile to enjoy it.


The phones with the Android and iOS operating systems have a function called «Internet sharing,« with which we can give the Internet to our computer tower without buying any device.

Compass and level: All current mobiles have these two characteristics: they can be beneficial in the field or the case of the standard in the carpentry.


If we buy an OTG cable, we can connect to our terminal a keyboard, and mouse to be able to use it as if it were a PC.

Mobile Phone Features

A mobile phone is also known as a cell phone. It is one that lacks cables and can be moved without any inconvenience in communication. The operation of this type of telephone is given by radio waves that allow you to access the antennas that make up the mobile phone network.

In this area, it should be stressed that currently the sector of these mobile phones is growing a lot and experiencing a wide range of advances. Thus, we can establish that these communication devices have now become something else. And it is that through them we can also entertain with various games, inform ourselves of the news, update our social networks, or even manage the home automation of our home.

All this is achieved thanks to a series of applications that are housed in a series of “markets” where you can purchase them either for free or by paying amounts that will depend on the value of these applications.

In this way, today within the mobile telephony sector we can say that the concept of the smartphone has emerged, which is that thanks to which we can perform the actions mentioned above and many more, in addition to the usual and frequent ones such as calls and text messages.

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