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What is a Smartphone? – Definition, Invention, Benefits and More

What is a Smartphone? – Definition, Invention, Benefits and More

Smartphone Definition

A smartphone also called a touch mobile phone built on a mobile computing platform.  With a more exceptional ability to store data and perform activities similar to a mini-computer. The word “smart” refers to the ability to use it as a pocket computer. And also even replacing personal equipment in some cases.

Invention of Smartphone

What is clear is that in English, everything sounds better. What not everyone knows is that IBM created the first smartphone in 1992, and it was called Simon. However, release year is 1993 and was market by Bell South.

At that time, the smartphone already allowed to execute numerous tasks. Receive and make calls, had a calendar, address book, world time, notebook, sent, and received FAX. Not bad for a prototype, remember, almost 30 years ago.

Today, the functionalities of smartphones are the same as those of a computer. Now, if we stick to Wikipedia, a smartphone, the definition is simple. “Electronic device that merges a mobile phone with characteristics similar to those of a personal computer.”

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Brands of Smartphone

There are lots of brands emerge in smartphone industry. iPhone is considered as a top brand among all, it has many features and specially known for this battery backup. Check out wholesale iPhone chargers deals.

Benefits of a smartphone


Although as technology progress and electronic devices tend to get smaller, smartphones have always been more substantial, broader, and more massive than ordinary cell phones. The electronic components used in the manufacture of smartphones are more significant. Simply because the sophisticated operation of such phones requires more extensive hardware.


Being able to send and receive an email without having to face the computer is a significant advantage to buy a smartphone. These devices offer the possibility of synchronizing many email accounts, which solves the need to visit many websites and enter different accounts.


Browsing the Internet from a smartphone should be considered a significant advantage to buy such a device. Access to search pages, news, weather, sports, and countless other information


Most smartphones already have internal GPS receivers. These devices allow users to indicate their exact location on a map and obtain specific directions to get to another place. This option is an essential advantage since it satisfies the need to have a separate GPS for the car.


Smartphones have the advantage of installing and running countless applications and programs. This allows users to personalize their device with plans for their personal needs and preferences. Also, numerous applications can be obtained for free.

Verbal communication

like any device of this nature since its inception, the initial idea was to promote real-time interaction of a person with another who was distant. Therefore the implicit benefit is to shorten distances between people.

 Data communication

The generation of phones that preceded them, these Smartphone perfected data communication; in this way the sending of SMS (text messages) to a certain number of characters is no longer restricted

 Other Connections

Among the most exciting and outstanding benefits of smartphones or Smartphone, is allowing the user to connect via Bluetooth with other Smartphones, computers, sound equipment, televisions, tablets, photo developing devices, sound equipment and vehicle audio, video bin, others.

In short, there are many ways to take advantage of Bluetooth technology since its creation has been an essential technological tool at the service of users who love always to be communicated.

 The use of Multimedia

Smartphones have perfected the reference to the collection and transmission of multimedia data. The options and improvements for videos and photographs are getting better and better resolution. Some of these smartphones have the option of uploading videos captured from the cell phone directly to video portals on the Internet (ex: YouTube).

 Social networks

Another of the services that Smartphones are attractive for is the possibility of maintaining the connection to the different social networks of the user. Today cybercafes could be full of other users than those who filled it five years ago.

As users of Smartphones no longer require to be physically use a computer monitor in their home. A smartphone user doesn’t require computer at office or Internet cafe to link to their social accounts. But, from the comfort of their mobile device they can access any Internet site.

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