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How to make money on biosupplements under your own brand
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How to make money on biosupplements under your own brand

Dietary supplements are a complex of minerals, trace elements and vitamins that the human body needs to maintain normal life. Each of us in our lives sooner or later comes to start taking dietary supplements. And some who are closely associated with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are even thinking about the possibility of starting private label supplement manufacturing. This is exactly what our article is about.

You can create a brand from one or two products, gradually expanding the line through the introduction of individual compositions. But regarding the sale of dietary supplements, there are many opportunities for this today: online stores, retail outlets or directly to your customers.

What are private label dietary supplements?

Private label dietary supplements imply placing your own trademark on high-quality biocomponents provided by a supplier with all the necessary documentation. Contract manufacturing is an excellent option for implementing this idea. It is particularly effective for small and medium-sized businesses since competition in the field of nutrition is growing every year. Creating a production line, hiring technologists, developing a unique formula to meet customers’ expectations and remaining flexible in the market is a very expensive and complex process.

Contract manufacturing involves signing a contract with a plant that produces dietary supplements. Under the agreement, the manufacturer agrees to develop a formula or use an already developed formula to produce and package supplements under the client’s brand. This leaves you, as the client, with minimal responsibility risk. If you are a fitness trainer, nutritionist, dietitian, or involved in counseling people on nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, then your marketing costs will be low. You can recommend supplements with your own brand according to a specific consultation protocol to your clients.

The most effective ways to increase dietary supplement sales

In order for private label manufacturing to be as efficient as possible and bring in a good income, it is necessary to use the right tools to increase sales.

  1. Individual customer needs. It is the feeling of a lack of dietary supplements that you can help to fix. Your brand is dietary supplements that will help people eliminate deficiencies in vitamins and micronutrients in the body. The production of supplements is carried out in accordance with the necessary certificates, protocols, and customer needs. Therefore, they will trust you, receiving a quality product.
  2. Minimum orders. This implies the production of supplements in minimum quantities of 24, 36, or 48 packages. Try to release 2-3 products at first, which your customers often need. This way you can be sure to sell the product. To increase sales, register on various trading platforms.
  3. Marketing support. It is a mandatory tool for promoting your brand. We recommend contacting a special company that can provide a full package for promoting dietary supplements.
  4. Creating your own recipes. This is another step towards high earnings. It is more time-consuming than opening your own brand, but no less profitable. Creating your own recipe means controlling the composition, conducting research work, controlling production, and, as a result, owning exclusive rights to dietary supplements.

Dietary supplements are often confused with medicinal drugs. But they are not the same. Their main differences are as follows:

  • Dietary supplements are necessary for maintaining the body’s condition as a source of necessary microelements. Medicinal drugs eliminate specific health problems.
  • It is significantly lower for dietary supplements than for medications.
  • The composition of dietary supplements is diverse and there is no clear chemical formula that would be considered the norm.

What is the best way to sell: online, offline or directly to customers?

Working online and offline has its surprises. For example, in an offline store, a person can receive the product immediately, while with online orders, it may take some time. Or, when opening a point of sale, it is necessary to rent a space, pay for rent and cleaning, whereas with online trading, this is not necessary. In order to sell dietary supplements under your own brand profitably, it is necessary to study all the features of different sales channels and choose the most suitable one.

The easiest way to sell dietary supplements is to sell directly to your customers. This way, you know exactly what they need and can recommend the appropriate type of supplements. Selling supplements at retail implies having products that meet trending demands. This is because people usually buy what is popular on the market rather than what nutritionists recommend.

By choosing online trading, you can aspire to enter the international market, but it will be difficult. Customer demands may vary, depending on the season, popularity, or individual preferences. It is important to thoroughly research the market and audience in order to provide dietary supplements that can meet the needs of potential customers.


It is quite possible to make money on private label dietary supplements using the contract manufacturing service. To get started, two or three products and minimum batches will be enough for you to sell all manufactured products. Supplements can be sold through online retailers, offline outlets, or directly to your customers if you are a nutritional consultant. Often, bio supplements are compared with drugs, but they have completely different purposes, composition and dosage.

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